• Kids and Families

    Teyah & Colee

    One of the BEST part about doing this “job”  is seeing all the awesome families and getting to see how much the kids have grown between sessions.

    I met Miss. T, Miss C. and their wonderful mother almost 2 years ago.  These girls are some of my favorites.  They are so much fun and so stinkin’ sweet.

    It was good to see you guys again!  Thanks mom for bringing them out!

  • Kids and Families

    The Rosko Family

    I love meeting new families!  The Rosko family braved the chilly weather with me today and we had a great time at the park.  These boys were so well behaved and I could just feel the love that they all shared for one another.

    At one point during our session, I was looking thorough my little view finder at this beautiful mom with her three handsome boys and thought, this is my life.  These boys are a little older than mine, but I imagined that this is what it’s going to be like when mine get a little bigger.  I just hope they will adore me as much as these boys do their mother.

    Then there was dad.  A man that is respected by the community as police officer and a man that clearly loved his boys and his wife.

    Thanks Rosko family for hanging out with me this afternoon!  It was nice to meet you.  Oh, and from one Green Bay Packer fan family to another…GO PACK GO!!!