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    Be inspired by Kindness

    Today, I have something special planned for my kids.  In about an hour we will head down and pick up 40 red and green balloons that have been filled with helium.  Tied to each balloon is a note that reads,

    “Random acts of kindness”
    Thank you for accepting this balloon.
    We hope the gift of
    something so simple put a smile on your face today.
    Merry Christmas

    {If you feel the need pass on a random acts of kindness, please post your ideas , comments, and pictures to www.StephanieMarti.com/blog}

    We will be randomly passing them out to kids today.

    Here are a few of the pictures I got of the boys in action.

    Our very first stop with about 1/3 of the balloons.  Note to self:  Next time have the ribbons cut SHORTER!!!!

    Just one of the families we surprised!

    Ethan spotted someone who he wanted to surprise.

    These aren’t the best pictures in the world.  I was trying to juggle our youngest in the cart behind me.  The little guy was trying to eat all the candy canes that we passed out too.  🙂

    The older boys had a blast!!!  I think we may have just started a tradition.  Seeing the faces of the kids when they got a balloon and a candy cane was priceless.  Right after this last photo was taken, the security guard at Target came up and asked me what was going on.  We caused some heads to turn, I’m sure of it.  I just wish we would have gotten more balloons.  We could have done that all day.

    The coolest moment for me was once we finished and we were standing near the checkout lines.  I looked up and saw about 15 of our balloons in the hands of little kids.  I told the boys to look around.  They were amazed that they could see all the people they helped smile.  Truly made this mommy proud!


    ******And for our Lifechurch friends…Pastor Craig Groeschel was spotted shopping at Target too.  I think he made fun of my elf hat I was wearing******